It's Mommy Time

One Mommy, Two Daughters, Zero Time

Friday, March 30, 2007

No Need For Mom

Hailey can feed herself now. Yup, it's true. She can pick up tiny objects like Cheerios and Veggie Crackers and shove them in her own mouth. I guess my job here is done!! Actually, since we"ve started this eating on our own thing, we've lost all interest in eating any baby food. We've also stopped sleeping through the night. It's always one step forward, two steps back!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Atlanta - Adventures on the Road

I have driven in Atlanta for exactly one day, but here are some things that I know to be true:

1) Whoever named the streets was either incredibly uncreative or really stupid, probably both. All of the streets are named the same thing, and I'm not just talking about the infamous Peachtree. No, it includes lots of other streets that bear the same name, and are only delineated as Drive, Street, Circle, or Avenue. It's craziness.

2) They certainly don't skimp on the syllables when it comes to street names. Here are a few that I ran across today...Ponce de Leon Ave, Ralph David Abernathy Freeway, Joseph E Lowery Blvd, and let's not forget Ralph McGill Blvd, where we currently live! When they name a street after me, I'm going to call it Alisa Catherine Palmisano Hamilton Blvd Circle.

3) Whenever the street namers came up with a new fantastic street name, they must have just picked any random street and given it that name, regardless of whether it already had a name. That's the only explanation for why all of the streets suddenly change names at completely random intersections.

4) There's absolutely no need for street signs to help someone like me make sense of any of this!!!

Atlanta - Our arrival

Here we are in beautiful Atlanta. We arrived yesterday to find that during the 3.5 hour drive, Hailey had left us with a gigantic present in her pants. So, the first order of business was an immediate bath and depooping of her outfit. Fun. Then, we carried all of our stuff up 4 flights of stairs. Double fun. Luckily, all of our furniture is still in Nashville, but we did have several large items. We had to tag team the unloading and carrying so that someone was in the apartment with Hailey at all times. See, we're already feeling the effect of having left all of our free family babysitters in Nashville! Our apartment is very small. Well, let's say cozy. However, it is very convenient for both of our jobs and is directly across the street from a huge park with lots of walking trails. So, I think that it will suit us perfectly. More later...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Prospect of Moving

Now that we are getting to the point where we actually have to go live in Atlanta, I'm getting a little nervous. I know that it's going to be fine, but it is so unfamiliar. We are leaving all of our furniture and most of our worldly belongings in Nashville to help "stage" our house. Josie, our loving border collie, is going to live with my Mom and Step Dad for a little while, and we've already given away one of our cats. Thank goodness the other cat is coming with us. So much change in such a small period of time. I just can't imagine living in a place with rented furniture. I'm going to miss my bed and Hailey's rocker and my house. Of course, I can't even really express how much we are going to miss all of the people in Nashville. We are so thankful to our friends and family here for being so wonderful and kind, not to mention helpful in this transition. Well, I'm getting a little teary now so it must be time to start thinking again about all of the stuff I need to do before we leave!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

6-7 Months - The Best Age

Some wise Mom once told me that whatever age your child is will seem like the best age. Well, so far that wisdom has held true. Never more so than during this 6-7 month old stage. Hailey is absolutely perfect right now. She's alert and happy most of the time. She can sit up on her own and play with toys, but she can't crawl yet. She babbles incoherently, but doesn't talk back. She snuggles, but doesn't need to be held all the time. It's just great! Here is her 6 month picture. I've also included one from last weekend where you can see her tooth!