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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We're Moving to Atlanta

Well, I'm a bit of a slacker because we've known for almost a week now that we would be packing our bags for Atlanta. Luke received a job offer last week and officially accepted it on Friday. It's a very exciting offer with one of the largest, if not the largest, interactive agency in the country. They are providing us with relocation assistance including a temporary apartment until we can sell our house. It's really a wonderful package. So, we're off to Atlanta. He starts his job on March 5th. Yes, in less than 2 weeks!!!! I'll post more details as soon as I have them!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Evaluating the Value of Work

I don’t write about the work/family topic as much as I should. If I wrote about it in proportion to the amount that I think about it, I would have a blog on the subject every day. These are the questions that I most often grapple with:

  • Will my children be better or worse off for me having worked during their childhood?
  • Will I look back at my life and regret spending all my working hours away from them?
  • Do I even have it in me to stay home with them every day?
  • Can a teacher at a daycare or preschool teach them more than I can?
  • Am I going to have discipline problems with them because their parents aren’t around enough to offer that steady hand?
  • Am I a better mother for trying to do it all even if I’m not always successful?
  • Will my daughter(s) look up to me and respect me more for working?
  • Can I even afford to stay home?
  • Am I being selfish for wanting to work?
  • Would I become Bree Hodge (formerly Bree Van de Camp) if I stayed home?

I ask myself these questions every single day. Usually multiple times a day. There are times when I think that I’ve absolutely made the right choice, and others when I think that I’m ruining everything, mostly my child. I guess that the most frustrating part is that I’ll never know what the answers are. All I can do is try to achieve the best balance that I can and be flexible in case my family needs me to make a change one way or the other.

I hope that one day Hailey and her yet unborn sibling(s) will read this and understand how difficult the decision is. Well, one day they'll understand because they'll probably go through it themselves. That's a scary thought.

PS: I’m not pregnant again, people. Get with the program. I’m just asking hypothetical questions!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Hailey has finally started "sleeping through the night," which really means that she will sleep for more than 3 consecutive hours. Two nights ago she slept from 7pm-3am and last night she slept from 8pm-2am. I'm not going to get too excited because it seems like it's always one step forward, two steps back, but I think that the baby food is really helping. Last night she ate a whole jar of squash and then a half a jar of carrots. I think that she is starting to understand that the food will fill her up just like milk will. Now, she gets excited to eat when I pull out the jars just like she does when she sees a bottle. It's amazing how fast they can connect the dots.

Anyone want to take bets on whether or not just mentioning this new development has jinxed my chances of her sleeping even longer tonight????