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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Midwife Update and Cord Blood Donation Rant

We had our appointment with Shelly, our midwife, this morning. I'm still measuring a little small so we have to do another ultrasound next week. She said that she wants to keep an eye on Hailey's development, but that she's probably just going to be a small baby. I'm not going to worry about it at this point because 1) there's nothing that I can do about it except to eat healthy and take care of myself (which I'm already doing); 2) I was a smaller sized baby; and 3) we're going to love her no matter what size or shape she is.

Also, Luke and I were both able to feel her little head through my belly. That was pretty cool. She's head down so no breech babies here. Good little girl...way to save Mommy from a yucky c-section.

Now, let me bitch for a minute about this whole cord blood situation. Luke and I have always wanted to donate the cord blood from any children that we might be fortunate enough to have. Our opinion is that if our biomedical waste can somehow save someone else's child, then that's pretty much a no brainer for us. Unfortunately, I've waited too long to sign up so now we can't do it. I realize that this is completely my fault for procrastinating, but I honestly did not know that there would be no local programs and that it would be so confusing. Apparently, our government, in it's infinite wisdom, passed a law mandating that all pregnant women be given information about the program, but then they didn't fund any additional donation sites. So, it's basically worthless. Sounds pretty familiar!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Babies Are Such a Good Deal

Little Baby Hailey is not even born yet and she’s already costing Mommy and Daddy a fortune. Call it the nesting instinct or just pure insanity, but over the weekend I decided that we absolutely had to redo Hailey’s closet immediately. She has a lovely walk-in closet with a window in it, but it
only had one shelf and bar that went all the way around the top. It was just the wire shelving crap that the contractor installed, and it would never do for our precious little one. So, off we go to Target, Home Depot, and finally, Lowes. Several hundred dollars later and poor Luke is forced
to put together multiple shelving units, which I insisted upon. Unfortunately (or fortunately for Luke I suppose), we couldn’t fit all of the shelving units that I wanted so she only has a corner piece and one 30” piece. Plus, she has tons and tons of bars for hanging clothes. Needless to say, this little project didn’t exactly get finished over the weekend. Thank goodness that my Mom arrived today to help put things in order. Maybe I’ll try to take a picture when we’re finished so that you can see the finished work in all of its glory.

On another note, I’m pretty sure that my belly has grown quite a bit since my last trip to the doctor. The only way I can really gauge the growth is by how stretched out my belly button is getting. Let’s just say that it’s gone from being an innie to an outie to a flattie. Yikes.