It's Mommy Time

One Mommy, Two Daughters, Zero Time

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


We have a new game at our house. Luke and I play it right before we go to bed. Usually when I lay down, Hailey starts kicking over on my right side. The other night we realized that we can actually feel her little feet (or what I think are feet) when they stick out. I'm pretty sure that she was thinking it was a fun game to kick and feel Luke's hand sort of nudge her foot. It seemed like she was playing with us because she kept doing it over and over again for what seemed like forever (from the standpoint of the kickee, that is). She was probably just trying to get comfortable somehow, but it's really fun to think that we are sort of "interacting" with her while she's inside my belly.

Today is the beginning of week 30! Only 12 more days until our next ultrasound!!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

New Belly Shots

Take a look at that outy belly button! Yikes! Next week we'll hit the 30 week mark. I can't believe that there will only be 10 weeks left.

Hailey has been very active lately. She's starting to get a schedule going so I know when to anticipate the heaviest kicking. Plus, when she kicks I can feel her little body parts in there if I just press down a little bit. It's really weird. I wish that I knew what I was feeling. I'll probably figure it out as she gets bigger.

In other exciting news, random strangers are now commenting on my pregnancy. So, I guess that I'm finally beyond the point where people are too scared to ask. Making it to almost 30 weeks without openly "showing" is quite an accomplishment I would say, but now it's getting hotter out and I should be garnering a little more sympathy. I can hear it now, "You poor thing. You must be so hot and uncomfortable. Here let me carry those groceries for you." Excellent!